Gran Canaria, 2015

We took a trip to Taurito in Gran Canaria in December for a bit of winter sun, and I’m so incredibly glad that we did. Forget the stereotypes of Spanish islands, full of drunken English teenagers and cheap lager; once you step away from the tourist resorts, Gran Canaria is utterly magical.


This flower has the BEST view of the mountains

The mountain range in the centre of the island offers absolutely stunning views, with twisty roads ensuring that most tourists stay away. Luckily my other half drives, so we were able to hire a car and really explore the small towns and villages that are hidden away up here. If you want to experience authentic Canarian cuisine, stop off at one of the roadside bars in the mountains for some good value local specialities.

As is expected of a Canarian island, Gran Canaria also has miles and miles of beaches, with the dunes of Maspalomas a particular highlight – though watch out for the nudists if you’re not so much into that kind of thing.


The beach at Maspalomas – nudists not pictured

If it’s city life you’re after, head up to Las Palmas, with its gorgeous Old Town, museums and restaurants. And if you’re from the UK, head to the Sephora store in the shopping district to fill your suitcase with brands you can’t get over here (I spent a fortune on Kat von D make-up, which has changed my eyeliner game, if not my life).

All this being said, my favourite place on the island was the coastal town of Puerto de Mogan, which gives EXCELLENT marina. And beach. And ice cream, shopping, and coffee. We also took the opportunity to do one of the well-advertised Yellow Submarine trips, which I’m pretty sure was the highlight of my other half’s trip. Entertainingly, it turns out the shipwrecks you see down there  were deliberately sunk a few years ago specifically to give tourists something exciting to look at while underwater. This fact did not spoil our trip.


Puerto de Mogan from the hills

Oh, and the temperature? Hovering around 25° all week. Not bad for December.

You can see my photo highlights here.

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